About Sprinter 2

Sprinter 2 is the second edition of the runnig game. It may look similar to the first version of the game, but there are some bug fixes and upgrades in running physics, so I am sure you will notice the difference. The game is for those who love running and want to become the fastest sprinter on earth. At the beginning of the Sprinter 2 game, you have to win the simple tournaments among non-professional sprinters and nominate to the olympic games. Your primary mission is to win all sprints and become the olympic champion but it's a bit difficult task. If you lose even one sprint - you will start the career from the beginning.

Playing Sprinter 2 is really easy task - you have to press the laft and right arrow buttons as soon as you can to make your sprinter run fast. But you must keep in mind that if you fail to press both arrow buttons, your champion will fall down and you will lose a lot of time. This may cost you titles. Have fun playing the Sprinter 2 at our website.


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